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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Modern European Plumbing
Tour the Amazing Toilets of Italy

Before beginning our tour of modern European plumbing, it should be noted that we fully understand that toilets can be a rather tooshie subject. This is not something one can just plunge into, but we hope that you're behind us. We are aware that it takes a certain level of maturity to flush out such a story without falling victim to a flood of silly puns.

Our tour begins at the hotel la Primula, in Menaggio, Italy. At first glance, this porcelain beauty appears quite similar to most toilets in the United States. However, a challenge arises when it's time to depart from the facility... How do you flush it? There are just too many ifs, ands, and butts. Where in the world is the handle?

There isn't a lever on the water tank, or a metal button on the wall directly above the tank, or a foot button near the base, but there are several other possible solutions on the walls to the right of the toilet. (Run your mouse over the photo to clarify this situation.)

The next rest stop on our toilet tour takes us to the train station of Rail Europe - Italy in Milano, Italy. This particular facility "poses" more consternation than our first example, especially for the ladies traveling in our group.

Likely, you'll never look at your Birkenstocks, Tevas, or other treaded sandals quite the same way as you did before. Now, back to the low-down on this dilemma - How do you flush? ... Or, do you? Run your mouse over the photo for the down and dirty on this one.

(As it turns out, this particular facility is broken. There is supposed to be a hose with a sprayer attached.)

Our modern Italian toilet tour continues north toward the Italian Alps to the Kolpinghaus Bozen in Bolzano, Italy. Ahhh, looks and feels just like home - A real no-brainer. Or so we thought...

Uh, exactly how do you flush it? Hmm... There is no handle anywhere near the toilet, nor a foot button on the floor. Well, we might as well wash up while eliminating the remaining options - We did notice a paper towel dispenser. (Run your mouse over the photo for the poop on this potty puzzler.)

Our great toilet tour of Italy concludes at the Hotel Bucci in the Historic Center of Castel Gandolfo looking out over the picturesque landscapes of the Castelli Romani and the lake of Castel Gandolfo. This "water closet" is a fitting grand finale, indeed.

So you think that you've figured out how to flush this one. Are you sure? Is it the cable to the left, or the vertical protrusion at the bottom of the tank, or is it the big button on the tank, or is it on the wall to the right? (Mouse over the photo for the bottom line on this scenario.)

The Grand Finale Continues:

You will notice a second porcelain fixture to the left of the more conventional toilet. That "bidet" would be considered a paperless toilet...

Italian Toilets

Wait, There's Even More!

We also notice a shower head with water controls on the wall directly to the left of the porcelains. Keep in mind that this magnificent example of modern European plumbing is located behind the single wooden door pictured above; there is not a shower curtain or partition.

European Shower

Besides on the person taking the shower, where would you figure the shower water goes? Why, across the porcelain and down the shower drain, of course!

Water Drain

Got your golashes? Certainly there's no need for "Toilet Duck," those "Scrubbing Bubbles," or the "Tidy Bowl Man" at the Hotel Bucci .

Since Mr. Sedivy's Highlands Ranch High School History site has been visited by more than 60 countries worldwide, it's only fair that we in Colorado give the rest of the world a candid view of a typical American toilet in action, sound included:

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